What's in it for you?

World-class medical expertise and facilities available in South Africa
All local necessities arranged, from SIM card, to FOREX to Groceries
Travelling doctors - Have your annual medical check-up in the privacy of your accommodation
Local transportation & accommodation arranged
VIP Aircraft and Fast Track Airport VIP Service (Meet and greet)
Benefit from a favourable currency
Rapid access to diagnosis and treatment services
 Confidentiality and Anonymity
Case Manager available 24/7
Advanced infrastructure and relaxing tourism scenery

South Africa is the leading medical tourism destination in Africa due to its ideal location, world-class medical expertise and old-fashioned hospitality. The country’s location is perfect for travelling patients as it hosts Africa’s biggest and busiest airport, facilitating over 21 million passengers a year.

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Fast Access to Treatment

Rapid access to diagnosis and treatment services.

Quality Medical Care

Access to quality health services and technologies. Access to world-renowned, branded practitioners and researchers, specialized health facilities, clinical trials, and medications

Privacy and Anonymity

We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality when dealing with patients. Your anonymity is our guarantee.

Experiential advantages

We offer unforgettable visitor experience. We combine carefully coordinated travel to South Africa, hospitality, culture and rejuvenating accommodation.

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