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Cancer Treatment In South Africa

AfroKhaya Cancer Treatment

South Africa has the largest platform for cancer treatment in Africa. South Africa has over 4,200 health centers with top class cancer treatment (oncology) handled by specialists.

Indigenes from other African countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana etc. take up the larger percentage of medical tourists in South Africa and European countries are next in line because they are neighboring countries too.

Cancer treatment in South Africa is 70% cheaper than that of the United States. Tests are run to confirm the kind of cancer and its stage. Thus, this enables the patient to be matched to the right medical personnel for treatment.

On getting to the hospital, the medical team receives the patient and reassures him/her. Other complaints or worries are also stated by the patient before the commencement of treatment. Through the process of treatment and recovery, the medical team gives their full support and help to make sure the patient is well-rested and well-fed.

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