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South Africa the best in IVF Treatment

Ivf Treatment in South Africa

In Vitro Fertilization, IVF is a process of fertilization where the sperm and ovum are extracted and combined outside of the body in a liquid in a laboratory (“in glass”). After 2-6 days of culturing it is returned to the womb of the mother (ovum donor) to produce a living child or the womb of another woman (surrogacy). It is a type of assisted reproductive technology’ for the treatment of infertility (IVF Treatment).

As statistics have shown, IVF is an efficient process which a lot of people have opted for over the years and has led to a wide range of medical tourism.

Afrokhaya IVF Fertility Treatment

On medical tourism, tourists consider the three most important factors which are how convenient, quality of treatment and cost of treatment. South African IVF market offers these three to a large extent. It has a 28% success rate from the birth of 8 million children produces through IVF, 2.7 million cycles and 500,000 children produced annually.

South Africa is the first African country to emerge as a medical tourism destination. It has the largest market for egg donation based on the fact that South Africa has a top-class legal framework.

Owners or donors of eggs and sperm are received by trained personnel which must have attained the level of Bachelors Degree in Nursing or clients can contact the doctors personally.

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