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Why Choose South Africa for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the moving away of a patient from his or her residing country to another country to receive medical care. Many people often find it hard to choose a country for their Medical Tourism and healthcare. At Afrokhaya Medical Travel, we have researched the best reasons why South Africa is a great option for you. 

Why Choose South Africa for Medical Tourism? People choose South Africa for medical tourism because of the lower cost and high quality of medical treatments available. There are some other reasons to choose South Africa as a medical tourism destination including:

  1. High quality of Medical Services (World-class healthcare sector).
  2. Affordable healthcare treatments.
  3. Great country for tourism (English-speaking country).
  4. Favorable exchange rate for foreigners.
  5. Shorter waiting times for surgeries.

1. High Quality of Medical Services. 

South Africa boasts of having the highest standard of healthcare in Africa. It is further bolstered with the over 200 private hospitals available across the country and their world-class standard. Its ground-breaking surgeries and medical research are world-class, and some include;

The examples above show that South Africa has a good and valid medical track record. The government also enhances medical research as medical tourism soars in the country. The healthcare in South Africa is two-tiered as there is Private Health Care and Public Health Care.

The Private Health Care though smaller in quantity makes up for this in its quality by providing patients with the best specialists in various medical fields. As a paying customer, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor or specialist quickly rather than waiting for weeks. 

2. Affordable Healthcare Treatments.

One thing of note is the affordability of healthcare in South Africa compared to other countries. Some may argue the affordability of healthcare as it depends on factors like;

  • The type of surgery or treatment.
  • Duration for recovery.
  • Access to healthcare insurance.

The government contributes about 40% of healthcare expenditure to the public medical sector. The country has total spending on health as 8.8% of the GDP (2014), which is above R4 trillion ($270.5 billion). The value is way above the 5% recommended by the World Health Organisation. 

“The private sector spent 4.4% of GDP on health, while the public sector spent 4.1% of GDP on health” -Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi recently said.

The country has medical-aids that allows foreigners to join. However, this requires a South African bank account to pay for the cover (it can be someone else’s account). There are also other insurance options available for foreigners.

3. Great Country for Tourism 

Having a population of over 52.98 million, South Africa encapsulates a rich culture and ethnicity. It officially recognizes 11 languages, namely Afrikaans, English, Swazi, Tswana, Northern Sotho, Ndebele, Sotho, Tsonga, Xhosa, Venda, and Zulu. While all languages are considered equal, some are spoken more than others. Being an English-speaking country, it allows for a smooth transition of tourists into its culture.

Mountain Scenery in South Africa during Medical Tourism
The mountains in South Africa

It also serves as a perfect place for recuperating after a surgery or medical treatment. The country offers an attractive natural landscape, game reserves, and diverse cultural heritage. 

Some of the most popular destinations include several national parks, such as the expansive Kruger National Park in the north of the country, the coastlines and beaches of the KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape provinces, and the major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. 

4. Favourable Exchange Rate for Foreigners.

The country’s currency is suitable for conversion, especially with foreigners from the EU or US.  The Big Mac Index states that Rand is 26.9% undervalued and should be at R10.14 to the dollar. The undervalue of Rand favors foreigners as it makes the country’s resources affordable. 

A quick example below.

R50,000 is equal to $3,395 and R50,000 is equal to 3,055 Euros.

The above analysis means that with few wads of cash, quality healthcare is accessible in the comfort of South Africa. 

5. Shorter wait time for surgeries.

There’s little to no wait time as the specialists at private medical institutions, are available to attend to you.

In conclusion, South Africa is a great place to be. The country offers a lot of medical services, and it is not limited to the following;

We understand how hard it is to embark on Medical Tourism in any country, and this is the problem we solve with Afrokhaya Medical Travel. We ensure that your medical treatment journey is comfortable and rewarding by taking care of your flight booking, healthcare facilities recommendation, and booking appointments.

We also make sure that you see the best South Africa has to offer – the food, culture, tourist centers etc. while you are in the country.

Are you ready to explore South Africa’s medical facilities? If yes, drop us a line on our contact page

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