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5 Reasons Why South Africa is Best for Plastic Surgery

The need to look good has been one of humans’ top priority, particularly the female gender.  An individual is accorded respect and recognition in a society based on how well he/she look. To achieve this, people rely on makeups and tight-fitting dresses to give them their dream look. The introduction of plastic surgery has helped to help people actualize their dreams. This is why we give you 5 Reasons To Choose South Africa for Plastic Surgery

It’s no surprise that people go to lengths to look fabulous through surgery. The fulfillment of their need may sometimes be on hold due to various reasons like accommodation, travel expenses, treatment cost, well-trained doctors, conducive environment for recuperation. With Afrokhaya Medical Travel you can pack your bags and get ready to have a fantastic experience with us here in South Africa. We take care of everything for you.

South Africa is one of the top 30 countries accounting for 41.4% of the world’s cosmetic procedure. Also, an increase was recorded in the number of those that come to South Africa for plastic surgery. The provision of excellent and affordable health care services is one of South Africa’s goal. A lot of processes and regulation has been implemented to make this a reality. International patients are offered the choice of several kinds of plastic surgery procedures like; 

  • Liposuction, 
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Nose Reshaping
  • Face-lifting etc. 

They are most of the conventional cosmetics surgery procedure performed on medical tourists.

Preparing for Plastic Surgery in South Africa
Cosmetic Surgery Image by Photo by Manuel Silva

We have highlighted five reasons why South Africa is the come to the country for plastic surgery;

  1. Treatment Cost 
  2. Conducive Environment for Recuperation.
  3. Accommodation
  4. Travel Expenses
  5. Medical Expertise

Treatment Cost

The cost of plastic (or cosmetic) surgery is expensive. South Africa offers international patients an avenue to spend less on their medicals. Medical Tourists can save as much as 60% on their treatment. 

Cosmetic surgery is more affordable in South Africa compared to other countries like the United States or the United Kingdom because of the weak local currency. South Africa boasts of the highest standard of healthcare in Africa, having over 200 private hospitals across the country. International patients can access the country’s medical facilities and solutions with a fraction of the cost charged in another country without compromising on the quality and delivery of the service. 

Conducive Environment for Recuperation after Plastic Surgery

One of the reasons tourists flock to South Africa is because of its serene environment. South Africa also offers an environment devoid of pollution and chaos. The surroundings are well-structured and developed to ensure a hitch-free recovery process. There are parks and excursion sites that can help speed up the rate of healing. Relaxation centers and eateries that cater to different health issues are available to everyone. South Africans are friendly and approachable, so finding your way in the country would pose no problem.


After treatment or surgery, it is essential that the patient stays in the country so as to watch their health, if any complication is discovered, going back to the hospital will be easy. The hospital beds are, however, not cheap. To solve this problem, guest houses and hotels have been provided not far to the hospitals and are open to home services. It is important that the patient rest before embarking on a return journey back home to avoid complications. Not only are these hotels open to everyone, but they are also cost-effective.

There are various kinds of hotels to choose from, depending on how long you would be staying back. We have 5-star hotels, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfast hotels.

5-Star Hotel

A 5-star hotel will be a larger hotel, many rooms and many extra facilities such as an on-site spa, gym facilities, and restaurants. You will also enjoy privacy and anonymity while recuperating in your suite. Full room services facilities are available.

Boutique Hotel

A Boutique Hotel is a smaller hotel (compared to 5-star) which has between 10 to 100 rooms in distinctive settings with upscale accommodation and have exotic amenities like swimming pools, libraries, and DVD facilities, spas, yoga and painting classes. It has a more personalized service, including in-suite meals. This type of hotel offers good privacy, with suites often having their own private gardens or outdoor space for recreation. Afrokhaya Medical Travel offers various medical tourism options with vineyard, ocean, sea, or mountain views. This type of medical accommodation is advised if you are going to rest a few weeks to recuperate after your plastic surgery in South Africa

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast (also called B&B) hotels are a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. They are mostly houses that have the hosts living in there with a space given out to lodgers. While this is affordable, it is not suitable for everyone, and we recommend that you contact us to discuss your options to help you ensure that you have the best experience.

Travel Expenses for Plastic Surgery

Savings on Medical Cost is one of the primary reasons people travel abroad for the majority of specialized medical treatments. The availability of affordable healthcare is something that particularly appeals to patients who are without medical insurance in their home countries where healthcare is more expensive. The cost saved by the patient will depend on the destination city and the medical procedure. A medical treatment visa in South Africa is issued for no longer than six months, but Visa fees are subject to change without notice. This fee does not include the visa service charge, which is considered cheap compared to other countries. 

Medical Expertise

The healthcare system in South Africa is quite developed with well-equipped hospitals and at affordable price. The doctors are well trained and seasoned. The hospitals contain state of the art machines and instruments. South Africa has doctors trained specially for plastic surgery coupled with foreign doctors working in our hospitals.

We understand how hard it is to embark on Medical Tourism in any country, and this is the problem we solve with Afrokhaya Medical Travel. We provide you with everything you need to ensure that your medical treatment journey is comfortable and rewarding.

Afrokhaya Medical Travel takes care of your flight booking, healthcare facilities recommendation, and book appointments. We also make sure that you see the best South Africa has to offer – the food, culture, tourist centers etc. while you are in the country.

Are you ready to explore South Africa’s medical facilities? If yes, drop us a line on our contact page.

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