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We encourage Africans to choose South Africa (SA) as their medical travel destination of choice based on the country’s proven track record in excellent medical care as well as being a prominent player in medical research.

SA, not only offers world-renowned facilities and doctors, but offers them at a favorable currency. Compared to other medical tourism destinations such as The USA, UK, Australia and South Korea, the SA currency is more attractive to medical travelers.

To compliment these facilities, the country boasts advanced infrastructure, tourist destinations, luxury accommodation and dining, shopping experiences and more.

SA is becoming a hot spot for medical tourism because of its ideal location, top medical centers and old-fashioned hospitality. The country’s location is perfect for travelling patients as it hosts Africa’s biggest and busiest airport, facilitating over 21 million passengers a year.

The goal over the next few years is to make SA the top medical tourism destination in the continent.

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